The Saddest, Most Regret Filled Song Ever Written Was #1 In March 1989

One of the most sad, regret filled songs in music history was sitting at the top of the US charts in March of 1989. Mike + the Mechanics, "The Living Years" reminded all of us that Dad won't be around forever, so say what you should...before it's too late.

Lead singer Paul Carrack sang,

"I wasn't there that morning

When my Father passed away

I didn't get to tell him

All the things I had to say

I think I caught his spirit

Later that same year

I'm sure I heard his echo

In my baby's new born tears

I just wish I could have told him in the living years."

During this part of the video Mike Rutherford is staring at his father's gravestone, which looks to be from 1620, in the freezing cold of the UK. Yikes, call your Dad right now! The song became a huge worldwide hit for the band, but making kids confront their parents mortality came at a cost for Mike + The Mechanics. “We were on rock radio before that,” Mike Rutherford toldRolling Stonein 2014.“That song moved us away from that and sort of dwarfed everything else we did. It’s sort of like what happened to Foreigner after ‘I Want to Know What Love Is.'”

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