"Florida Man Night" Could Be The Greatest Baseball Night Ever!

Via wbtv.com. Never mind bobble head nights or free mini bats. A Florida minor league team is taking advantage of the sunshine state's most bizarre headlines that always make you go, "WTF? Florida..." The Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp will be holding "Florida Man Night" on July 26th. They're promising to break a weird Florida law every single inning. This is the state that gave us the case of the armless man accused of stabbing a tourist, the woman who was shot after performing a sex act for Pringles and $5, the man who was jailed after giving his girlfriend a wet willy and the woman who chased her parents with a knife when they refused to take her to Outback. Think of the possibilities!

And there will be a celebrity in the stadium. Lane Pittman will be in attendance. He’s the Florida man famous for standing shirtless and shoeless in the middle of a road blasting Slayer’s “Raining Blood” as his hair and Old Glory blew in Hurricane Matthew’s Category 2-force winds. We may have a World Championship team, but we'll never match this. You just have to pray that it goes extra innings.

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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