If Oriole Chris Davis Gets A Hit Off The Sox, Baltimore Drinks For Free

The Baltimore Orioles are playing The Red Sox this weekend, and even if you're a Sox fan, you have to be rooting for the O's Chris Davis. He now has the longest hitless streak in MLB history. Last night he flied out on a pinch hit at bat making him 0 for 54. The poor guy is traumatized. As espn.com reports, at the Orioles' home opener last week, fans at Camden Yards were merciless in their treatment of Davis. Knowing full well he hadn't recorded a hit since the middle of September, they booed him when he ran down the orange carpet during pregame intros. They booed him in his first at-bat and each AB after that, getting progressively saltier each time. When he was lifted for a pinch hitter in the eighth inning, the crowd gave a sarcastic standing ovation.

Now, bars around Baltimore are offering free drinks and food when he gets that first hit. Lee’s Pint & Shell is offering a two-hour open bar for Smirnoff Crushes in honor of his nickname "Crush" from the days he hit home runs. Bartenders Pub offers a “Chris Davis Special,” a free shooter that tastes like Dr Pepper for every hit Davis gets. It's a mix of amaretto and Miller High Life beer in Pony bottles that taste like Dr. Pepper. Gross!

End this guy's misery! When he steps up to the plate at Fenway Park today, cheer him on, just a single, and let people in Baltimore get tanked on Dr. Pepper tasting beer.

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