Seth Rogan Used Gravity To Take The Biggest Hit On 4/20

Seth Rogan has become the King of Kush, he even launched his own recreational Canadian cannabis company called, "Houseplant." So 4/20 calls for something special for the "Knocked Up" star. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the "Stundenglass." It's all about physics, the Stundenglass uses the negative pressure created as water falls from one chamber into the other to pull air through the burning plant material, replacing the empty space with smoke as the water vacates it. Then, as you turn it back over, the water falling back into the smoke-filled chamber and pushes the smoke back out and into your face. They probably turned The Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz into one of these.

If a professional stoner like Seth Rogan starts choking and coughing for 25 minutes while his wife laughs at him after experiencing the "Stundenglass," do you think you could handle it? Observe...

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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