Dunks Now Has Lip Balm That Tastes Like Dunkin' Munchkins!

Powdered Munchkin lips are going to be the rage this year. The Kardashians are probably all over this. Dunkin is offering Munchkin flavored lip balm for sale. The new Dunkin' Munchkins balms come in tiny boxes that look like the ones you actually get Munchkins in. They come in a pair, but you would think they'd come in an assortment of 25.Word is the orange one has a strong marshmallow-y scent while the white balm smells even sweeter.

This sweet lip balm is currently going for $5.99 while supplies last, but people are hawking them for $14.99 on eBay claiming they are limited edition. Wrong!

"Mmmmmmmmm...what's that on your lips?" "Why, it's Glazed blueberry munchkin."

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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