Bar Rescue's Jon Taffer Will Now Rescue Bad Marriages On New Show

Via Anytime I'm channel surfing and come across an episode of "Bar Rescue," I'm pulled in. A drink palace that's well past it's glory days and smells like a wet bar rag puts out the call for help, and the man who looks like your angry Junior High gym teacher swoops in to save them, Jon Taffer. For the next hour, the slack jawed bar staff has the human bullhorn in their face, screaming at them to turn that business around!

Jon Taffer's work is not done. Having trouble with your marriage? What you need is someone to show you that you two lovebirds belong together by yelling to the point of bursting a blood vessel and passing out. I give you, "Marriage Rescue." Taffer will whisk troubled couples off to a 5 star resort in Puerto Rico to get down to some fixin,' "Bar Rescue" style.

Take a look at the trailer and remember, “Because I’m not a therapist, I don’t care what their mother said to them when they’re six years old,” Taffer says before telling a woman that “maybe you’re just a horrible wife.”

Move over Dr. Phil..."Marriage Rescue" premiers June 2nd on The Paramount Network.

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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