Stevie Ray Vaughan Kicked Off His Final Tour On This Day 1989

Via Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble gained worldwide fame after the release of their debut album "Texas Flood" in 1983. "Couldn't Stand The Weather" and "Soul To Soul" followed, as Stevie Ray Vaughan became known as one of the most exciting guitarists in blues and rock.

For most of his adult life, SRV battled drug and alcohol addiction, leading to serious medical problems and rehab. He brought himself back from the brink and in a nod to his new, clean lifestyle, he titled his 4th studio album "In Step." Despite his fear that maybe he couldn't play well live, sober, on May 4,1989 he embarked on a massive 147 date tour across the US and Canada, with Jeff Beck co-headlining with him for 34 of those shows. I was lucky enough to catch them in Miami. They both did their own sets, then for the encore they came out from opposite sides of the stage and did about a 15 minute jam on the song "I'm Going Down." It was spectacular! The next leg of the tour was to take them to Europe, but tragically, Stevie Ray was killed in a helicopter crash after his show at the Alpine Music Festival in Wisconsin on August 27,1990.

This video shows some of the greatness of Stevie Ray Vaughan. During a stop on that tour in Austin, 1989, he's playing the solo on "Look At Little Sister," when a guitar string breaks. He finishes the solo with 5 strings, then does the smoothest guitar switch in rock history. You can even hear the crowd cheer! The man was amazing.


Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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