How Many Syringes Can You Hide In Your Lady Parts?

Not wanting to be outdone by all the stories involving Florida men, this lady made her own Florida news.

Just how do you outdo all of the crazy stories coming out about Florida men?

You lock yourself in a Burger King bathroom.

(That on it's own could be any state in the Union.)

What you have to do next is snarl at any employee that tries to get you to come out.

(You just kicked it up a notch, but you could be any state up and down the east coast)

The Florida moment comes when police found 7 syringes inside of her! Where inside of her vagina!

Wanna see what she looks like? Be honest, you wouldn't say no to her! Fox News

Karlson, McKenzie and Heather

Karlson, McKenzie and Heather

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