WTF Now We Have Boat Rage?

Yacht explodes in flames caused by gas leak

Photo: Getty Images

What are two things you never want to see in the same sentence? How about "Boat Rage" and "Florida" be fair though, the rager is from Alabama he's just doing his raging in Florida.

Yes, alcohol did play a role in this story. Yes, drunks make poor decisions. No, boats don't have seatbelts.

The story in a nutshell: One boat created a wake that angered another boat. Yelling. More Yelling. Angry drunk in boat that felt wronged chased down the wake making boat and crashed into that boat. Two passengers were ejected from the drunk's boat. Bones were broken. Boats were broken. Points weren't proven.

CLICK HERE to see the mugshot of the drunk boater and to read the whole story!

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