Let's ALL Be This Guy From Now On!

Eccentric chunky man singing opera

Photo: Getty Images

Growing up in Washingtonville NY was great. We were equal parts dairy farms and NYC Firefighters; odd pairing I know. Our claims to fame though were a collection of celebrity occupants. Rumors of Mel Gibson's family residing there for a bit when he was young. Brian Cashman, Yankees General Manager, spent some time in the Ville. Scott Pioli, former Patriots executive, played for the HS football team. Weirdly though, when I was growing up it was Armand Assante of Mambo Kings fame that we were the most proud!

What's been happening since I left there 27 years ago? Dancing in the streets, that's what's happening! And I'm here for ALL of it!

Wanna see a grown man singing and dancing for all of his neighbors to see? Of course you do!

Come for the SINGING, stay for the UNINHIBITED DANCING!

My friend Nicky shot this video. His play-by-play is essential to the JOY!

The white ranch with the car parked on the lawn is my old house....WTF?

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