My Weekend in 5!

This weekend was awesome! Spent Saturday celebrating my nephew, Colin's, 1st birthday!! Trust me, normally a 1 year olds party isn't something Im too excited about but its different when its your own flesh and blood. Plus my sister and brother in law are amazing hosts so you know we had a good time ;) First picture below is the aftermath, the next was him PRE smash (Also Im not a fan of messy kids but man he looked so cute with all that cake hahah

After the boys party (and we were safely back home) it was time for the adults party with my dear favorite Hornito's Plata Tequila..

Then it was time for a nice little relaxing fire in the driveway - yes the driveway haha I don't really have any yard at my condo so it's better than nothing. Also - those Duraflame logs, that you just light the ends of the bag and then it lights?! Yeah they're the best invention ever!

And finally to wrap up the weekend, tons and tons of kitty snugs with Bear Winsor :) Hope you all had a great weekend too!