Throwback Thursday: Was He really 6'4'' and Full of Muscle?

"Down Under" was the second, straight smash single for Australia's Men At Work . In the video that helped break the band here in the 'States in 1981, the guy who stands up with the Vegemite sandwich is their drummer, Jerry Speiser. He wasn't really "6 foot 4 and full of muscles" - he had to stand on something to appear taller. And also, ....he wore a wig. Thanks to their creative and comedic videos on MTV, this was another huge hit. For two weeks, both the single and album were #1 in the US and UK. In their native Australia, the album stayed at #1 for nine weeks, and the single topped the chart for six. The Album "Business as Usual" also scored the band, "Best New Artist" at the Grammy's the following year.

Kenny Young

Kenny Young

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