48 Years Ago this Week: ZZ Top Plays their First Gig

Via Chron A Knights of Columbus Hall in Beaumont, TX. played host to three, young fellas from the Houston area. It marked the first time the band played under the name "ZZ Top".  Bassist Dusty Hill told chron.com that he was without one vital piece of equipment that night: 

 "I had to borrow a bass for that gig. I didn't actually own one. It was the Knights of Columbus Hall and though I didn't meet any knights or royalty, there were a lot of cool people who came out to hear us play," 

Nearly five decades later and a stop into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004, the trio is still going strong and show no signs of stopping.  Word is they may have big plans for a 50th anniversary down that road.  Below is a photo, allegedly from a Prom gig they played only a few months after their debut in 1970. It popped up on Reddit a few years ago. Note: Billy's lack of a beard and the misspelled name.

Photo Credit: Texas Monthly 

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