That Time Singapore Told Led Zeppelin to Go Home

Via MentalFloss: On this date in 1972 the Mighty Zeppelin were flying high on the success of Led Zeppelin IV which had been released the previous Fall. They were in high-demand by concert promoters and thanks to Manager, Peter Grant, commanded a high salary. This kind of success brought them all around the Globe to some places their prior Tours hadn't.  On February 13th, their chartered plane landed in Singapore before a scheduled concert the next day.  They were met by Government Officials and were promptly denied entry into the Country. It wasn't their music or outlandish lifestyle that they had a problem with. It was the fact that the members of Led Zeppelin had long hair. Yes, you read that correctly. The Country of Singapore at that time were cracking down on an anything that was deemed rebellious at the time. And thanks to Western culture (I guess) long hair was a catalyst for anarchy in their esteemed Nation.

Noted biographer Stephen Davis wrote:  “Not only were Led Zeppelin not allowed into the country, they were even refused permission to get off their plane and had to fly back to London,” Needless to say, the Valentine's Day show was cancelled.

Here's some archive film of the Band during that time when they made their way over to a much more relaxed, Australian environment.

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