Michigan Pizzeria Sets New World Record

Friday's in my house growing meant one thing: PIZZA night!  I lived for it as a kid, but thanks to my middle-aged-metabolism, I've had to back off on the weekly gluttony. In the spirit of Friday Night Pizza, I give you this story from UPI:   Mallie's in Southgate, Michigan delivered this pizza to the local fire department this past Valentine's Day. It has set a record for the world's largest delivery pizza at 72 inches or 6 feet and weighing in at 100 pounds. Oh, and if you thought this king size-behemoth was a one-off item, if you're willing to make the trip to Michigan and pay $300 (plus more for toppings) they will keep it on the menu. If you can't finish it in one sitting, I guess you can curl up on top and take a nap.  Here's video evidence of the feat.

Kenny Young

Kenny Young

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