A Day Keith Richards would rather forget

It was February 27, 1977 The Rolling Stones were in Toronto, Canada, rehearsing for the upcoming El Mocambo-gigs. The Band were staying at the Harbour Castle Hotel when the Royal Canadian Mounted Police woke up Mr. Richards and discovered five grams of cocaine and 22 grams of heroin in his room, among other substances. He was charged with "possession and intent to traffic."  If the charges stuck he could be looking at some serious jail time, not to mention an indefinite hiatus from the 'Stones. Fortunately, Rock Stars have good legal, representation and he would beat the rap later on down the road. The Judge would later say "No incarceration or fine would be appropriate.,"  "because of Mr. Richards' continuing treatment for drug addiction and his long-term benefit to the community." Keith would serve out his community service in the form of a Free Concert for the Blind in Toronto less than six months later. More on the trials and tribulations HERE

Kenny Young

Kenny Young

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