52 Yrs Ago The Rolling Stones Paint A Masterpiece

Per Wikipedia On this date in 1966, the 'Stones assembled in RCA Studios, Hollywood to begin work on "Paint it Black".  This was at a time when the writing partnership of Jagger/Richards was really starting to gel. The song started to take shape, however, with founder Brian Jones interest in Moroccan music. The Sitar he had recently learned to play would give the track the exotic vibe it needed. It's been reported over the years, the Jones had also taken an interest in George Harrison's work with the instrument on "Norwegian Wood" released a year earlier.  Charlie Watts' driving backbeat and Wyman's relentless Bass line rounded out the sessions. It came together quickly and "Paint It Black" was released in the U.S. on May 7th 1966, reaching number one on the Billboard Hot 100 during a stay of 11 weeks. In their native UK, the song was released less than a week later and also hit number one hit on the UK Singles Chart.  Five decades later, the song's staying power is undeniable on Classic Rock Radio and countless Film and Television soundtracks.  You can find even more history on the Track HERE on InkTank

Kenny Young

Kenny Young

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