Aussies Create Beer Can Ball Pit

Via Huffington Post Leave it to the Aussies to find a creative use for empty beer cans. While most of us recycle or donate them for fundraiser groups like the Boy Scouts, this crew in Moonta, South Australia have been hard at work. They turned a corrugated shed in the backyard into a beer can ball pit. They say it took over 15 years and an estimated 30 thousand Victoria Bitter Beers to fill it. Social media has already turned to calling the owner “the Australian Scrooge McDuck.” like the piles of gold the Disney character would dive in to. Ironically, instead of swimming around in this beer can ball pit, he could turn them in to a redemption center to the tune of about $3,000. Although, he'd probably need a dumptruck to get them there.

Kenny Young

Kenny Young

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