How Expensive is it to be a Red Sox Diehard?

With Opening day less than a week away for most Major League Baseball Teams, the folks at BroBible put together this nice breakdown of which squad is the most expensive to be a fan of. Based on average ticket prices (and assuming parking, transportation, some concessions) a Market Research Group crunched the numbers and here's what they came up with:

 The  Chicago Cubs are the most expensive team for a fan. The total cost of going to every home game is a whopping $15,722.77. The Cubbies recent success comes at a price; over $150 per ticket 

Coming in Second Place? Our beloved Hometown Boston Red Sox will run you about $12,712.28 if you went to all 61 home games. Not only are their tickets pricey at $102 (avg.), they are also one of the most expensive to support with baseball hats going for $25, the highest of all the MLB teams. Keep in mind, these numbers don't even include all of those $12 beers either.......oof.

By comparison, the cheapest Teams to be a fan of break down like this. (not that that should be the deciding factor or anything)

Team, Ticket Price, Overall Price• Los Angeles Angels, $32.32, $4,520.66• Chicago White Sox, $30.26, $5,450.95 Tampa Bay Rays, $51.26, $5,502.05

Kenny Young

Kenny Young

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