The Laser Diaries Vol. 3: Recovery and Follow-Up

Here's a little bit about my experience recovering at home after my Lasik procedure at TLC Laser Eye Center.  The first day, I continued to wear those snazzy, sunglasses that help protect my newly-corrected (is that a real phrase?) eyes from sunlight and bright lights in general. I was told to avoid T.V. Computer, tablet and cell phone screens that first day as well. It definitely helps with the healing process. Plus, I'll be honest, it was nice to take a break from all of those screens that seem to take up so much of our time and attention these days. I mainly just rested (read: slept) and about every two hours while I was awake, I would take an antibiotic eye drop followed by a steroid eye drop, which aids in healing and making the cornea strong again. Keeping the eyes lubricated is key in the recovery so I also did an over the counter eye drop every hour as well. As long as you are diligent about the instructions they send you home with, it really is an easy process.

The Doctors and techs at TLC are very clear about possible issues like dry eyes, burning sensation or some irritation in the first few hours after the procedure. But in MY experience, these symptoms were all very minor and continually using the drops alleviated any discomfort. I could see things too, like the clock in my bedroom without glasses or contacts for the first time ever. It was crazy. I awoke the next morning  and my vision had improved from the night before and my eyes felt much better. I looked out the window and was shocked at how clear everything was.  I then got to go to my own eye doctor nearby for a 24-hour follow up so she could see how things were already healing up. I was reading the eye charts at better than 20/20 and was amazed with the results. Below is some video my wife shot after I was cleared to drive....the NEXT DAY

Kenny Young

Kenny Young

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