The Laser Diaries Vol. 2: Surgery Day

This past Friday, March 30th was a very, Good Friday (see what I did there?) I had been preparing all week for my Lasik procedure at TLC Laser Eye Center by remaining in my glasses and keeping my eyelids clean and clear. The consultants told me this was the best way to ward off chance of infection and put me in the best position for a quick recovery. Once again, the care and patience they showed for me was incredible. First, I met with the finance department to square everything away, sign my acknowledgement forms, which, again guarantees that you are 100% comfortable and confident with going ahead with the procedure. 

From there, I met with a Clinical Optometrist who reconfirmed that my eyes and I were ready and then sat with Dr. Villazon who would be performing the surgery. His "bedside" manner was great. Especially for someone like me that had 1,000 thoughts running through his head and may have been a little "on edge". He put me at ease and went over the steps of the procedure again so there would be no surprises. Then it was off to surgery. TLC sees to it that they have the latest, all laser, FDA approved technology so I had that going for me, which is nice. The procedure was the shortest portion of my time there.  I laid on a bed that rotated between the two, laser machines that handle the actual vision correction. It was so quick. Before I knew it, the Dr. told me to sit up and that it was all over. My first reaction was like thousands before me: "That's it?"  Then I looked around and could already see the facial features of the Dr's  and details of the surgical room. It was incredible! After a quick review of my post-op instructions I got to go home. My wife who was driving me,  was blown away at how fast the procedure was too. Here's some video she took right afterwards:  And yes, I was "blessed" with the best from TLC. 

Kenny Young

Kenny Young

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