The Laser Diaries Vol. 1

                               (^Dorking out at the 2011 WZLX Halloween Bash)

My journey to seeing clearly began this past January after my annual eye exam. Like many, I've had terrible nearsightedness since I was a kid and had to rely on a strong eyeglass prescription and later, in my teens, contact lenses. As technology advanced, I always wondered about Laser vision correction but worried about cost and the procedure itself so I put it off for decades. Meanwhile, I continued to shell out tons of cash on contact lenses, solutions and glasses that didn't make me look like the Halloween Costume you see above ^ (which can be very pricey). I mean, look at that photo. Who could love me?

 After this recent check-up, I asked my Eye Dr. if she could refer me to the best place for Lasik. She told me to visit TLC Laser Eye Center conveniently located in Waltham. From the moment I walked in for my free, no commitment, no obligation consultation, I was treated like an individual, not a number or another "sale". The pro's at TLC took the time to evaluate my prescription, the overall health of my eyes and answered every single one of my questions and concerns. I was impressed to learn that most of the Staff there had undergone the procedure and even recommended it to their own Family and friends.  It also eased my mind to know that Dr. Villazon is one of the most experienced LASIK surgeons in the Greater Boston area, having completed over 40,000 refractive surgeries.  I was approved for surgery and booked my appointment on the spot.  It's important to keep in mind they never would've cleared me for the procedure if I wasn't considered a strong candidate. This gets back to the point of individualized care at TLC.  In my next installment,  I'll share with you how it all went down and my experiences post-op.

Kenny Young

Kenny Young

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