Lounge Zeppelin

So my brother just sent me this video (True Story) from the Kingsway High School Spring Concert in Woolwich Township, New Jersey. My niece/Goddaughter was there to perform with her group on Sax, but in THIS video, these other cats got up to rock a medley of Led Zeppelin tunes on the Vibraphones/Marimbas. There may be a xylophone in there too......One things for sure, I could get down to this "Lounge Zeppelin"! (I mean, it wouldn't hurt to have a nice scotch to go along with it) Check out the arrangement as they go from "Black Dog" into "D'Yer Mak'er" into "Rock and Roll". Oh, and can we give the Bass Player and drummer a shout out? They're holding down the tasty rhythms too!  So refreshing to see that Classic Rock and Led Zeppelin are still alive and well at the High School level! 

Kenny Young

Kenny Young

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