High Definition Vinyl May Be Spinning Soon

Pitchfork reporting that the inventive mind of Austrian, Günter Loibl has filed patents and raised nearly $5-million to produce High Definition vinyl albums that would would have higher audio fidelity, louder volume, and longer playing times than conventional records. The science behind it involves a complex  system that involves converting audio digitally to a 3D map. Lasers are then used to inscribe the map onto the “stamper,” the part that stamps the grooves into the vinyl.  “Our goal is to officially present our test stampers at the Making Vinyl conference in October,” Loibl said,talking about a trade event in Detroit this Fall. “It will take another eight months to do all the fine adjustments. So by summer 2019 we shall see the first HD vinyls in the stores.”. 

Great news for Audiophiles! Here's more about the process with the man himself.

Kenny Young

Kenny Young

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