The 1,149-Pound World Record Cinnamon Roll

Via The Daily Meal  Well if it was another Guinness World Record baked-good you were searching for, look no further. Wolferman's Gourmet bakery recently shattered the books with their 1,149 Cinnamon Roll at their Medford, Oregon campus of parent-company, Harry and David. They say it exceeds the weight of an adult moose by a few hundred pounds. Here are some more, mind-boggling stats on this behemoth:

697 lbs. of dough used

  • Total length of rolled out dough: 7200 inches = 600 feet!!!! (that is basically the height of the Space Needle in Seattle, WA)
  • More than 4 lbs. of yeast use (that’s a lot of yeast!)
  • More than 20 lbs. of whole eggs used (would be the equivalent of having to crack 425 eggs)
  • More than 7x50lb bags of flour used

378 lbs. of cinnamon sugar filling used

  • More than 3x 50lbs bags of white sugar
  • Just under 3x 50 lbs. bags of brown sugar
  • More than one big 55lb block of butter (that is equivalent to 220 sticks of butter!!)

Oh, and don't worry, it's not going to waste either. Slices will be sold off at $2-each at a local festival. All profits made from the cinnamon roll will be donated to the Teresa McCormick Center, a local community resource dedicated to providing education, assistance, and connection for those in need.

Kenny Young

Kenny Young

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