Space Beer: The Final Frontier?

From Travel + Leisure   With space exploration and technology advancing at the fastest rate ever, there remains a need for frosty beverages beyond our Atmospheres. Vostok, a venture of Australia‚Äôs 4 Pines Brewing Company and Saber Astronautics, has spent the last eight years developing the space-friendly beer. They've also launched (no pun intended)a kickstarter-like campaign for two, new prototype bottles,  The design utilizes an insert, created by Saber Astronautics, that uses surface tension to wick the beer up from the bottom of the bottle to the mouthpiece, similar to the way a fuel tank works. This offers the ability to drink the beer without relying on a squeeze-style packet that astronauts typically use for liquids. So future astronauts have THAT going for them.......which is nice.  Here's the latest.

Kenny Young

Kenny Young

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