The Laser Diaries Vol. 6

This is truly the "Winter that wouldn't Die" here in New England as my neighbor recently put it: "today is the 105th day of January" Frankly, as a golf addict and outdoor enthusiast, I'm (*insert coarse language) tired of it. So with the mercury hovering around the low to mid 40's thanks to the windchill, I bundled up and headed out to chase the little white ball with a crooked stick. Figured it would be a good chance to try out my new vision courtesy of the Pro's at TLC Laser Eye Center.  It's been just over two weeks now since I had my Lasik procedure and my vision and recovery has been amazing. I didn't have to strain, struggle or squint to see where my golf balls had retreated to, even against the backdrop of the grey, lifeless skies this afternoon. It may have been my psyche, but I even felt like I was reading the greens a little better. If today was any indication, this could shape up to be my best season yet thanks to the "Cinderella Story" that has been my experience with Laser vision correction at TLC.

Kenny Young

Kenny Young

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