Dwayne Johnson: the latest Tequila Tycoon?

Via ESQUIRE:  The latest celebrity spirit coming to "packie" shelves appears to be Dwayne Johnson's. According to reports, he has filed paperwork to secure the rights for a new tequila brand, Mana. Look into Johnson's Polynesian heritage, "Mana" or "spirit" is an essence that can exist in people, spirits, and even inanimate objects—one that lends power and influence to those who possess it. Well, if that doesn't sound like the perfect pitch, I don't know what does. Shut up and Take my Money!

The former WWE Champion and current Hollywood Action Star looks to follow in the very successful liquor-branded footsteps of other big time celebs like: Sammy Hagar, Dan Akroyd, P. Diddy, Justin Timberlake and George Clooney- who cashed in his chips along with biz partner. Randy Gerber to sell their Casamigos tequila brand for an estimated $1-BILLION Dollars last year. More on that deal from CNBC 

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