Why Robert Plant Still Keeps Quaaludes at Home?

Via LEDZEPNEWS  The Golden God revealed in a recent interview with Mojo Magazine  that he keep a little brown bottle at home with three quaaludes in it. It's wrapped in a label bearing the prescription: "‘Robert Plant – for sleepless-ness’. As popular as 'ludes were with touring musicians in the '60's and  '70's, Plant says he keeps them around as a Warning: “Three Rorer 714s, from Schwartz pharmacy in LA, and I often think to myself, wow, there they are – poison!”-said Plant.

He was asked to comment on the rise in opiates and substance abuse to which he replied: "Been there, done that." As he nears his 70th Birthday August 20th, he seems to have taken the high road to maintain his longevity and his legacy. On that subject of legacy, Led Zeppelin will hit their 50th Anniversary later this year, Plant noted:  “So all that hullabaloo is great, and I’m sure there’ll be some great things to come out of it.”  Mr. Jimmy Page assures the world we'll have more live archive stuff on the way to commemorate the milestone. To which the frontman joked “I really can’t wait to hear them – I might even get a free copy.”

Speaking of archives, here's a classic clip from Earl's Court 1975

Kenny Young

Kenny Young

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