Space Ace Celebrates Another Trip Around the Sun

April 27th, 2018 marks the 67th Birthday for the legendary, Space Ace Frehley. The youngest of three was born Paul Daniel Frehley to Dutch/ German parents in the Bronx, NY.  Frehley’s first got into music was in 1964 at the age of 13, when he received an electric guitar as a Christmas present. Despite no formal training, he developed his own unique style which lead him to worldwide fame, fortune and  eventually to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as lead guitarist of KISS. 

Below is a great clip of Ace performing the signature tune from his KISS solo album (which was the best seller out of the four released at the time) during the reunion tour in '96.



And one of the finest examples of his sense of humor and hall of fame laugh captured during the classic, 1979 Halloween edition of Tomorrow with Tom Snyder  a fan favorite! It's worth watching just to see Gene and Paul visibly aggravated by Ace's antics.

Kenny Young

Kenny Young

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