Atari to Launch New Entertainment Console

From Screenrant    With retro cars, clothing, music and more seeing a huge resurgence, the Atari corporation put out word last year that they were working on a new, retro gaming console that would pay tribute to the classic 2600 video game machine while also offering new tech as well. Looks like they've made good on that promise by offering up preorders beginning on May 30th through Indie Go Go.   The $199-$299 system will be released sometime next year under the name "Atari VCS", and will be offered in different packaging including the fake wood grain box of the original. 

Users can expect the VCS to include streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, music  services like Spotify and Pandora, social networking, and, of course, it allows users to play hundreds of classic Atari games. 

Here's a sneak preview from cNet

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