Ireland Opening it's First Nude Beach


Via BBC News    The Republic of Ireland has spoken and they're getting a Nude Beach.  I mean, why should the rest of the world be able to publicly strip down to their Birthday suits and frolic in frigid waters?  According to the article, Irish residents have been baring it all in secret locales for quite some time.  Pat Gallagher from the Irish Naturist Association says: ""A lot of people would prefer not to say to anyone, but they would go on the continent to nude beaches or go to nude resorts on their holidays."

The first nude beach will officially open at Hawk Cliff in Dalkey, south Dublin later this month.  The local County Council agreed to put up signs at Hawk Cliff notifying people of nude bathers. Think of that as more of a warning than an advertisement. There was a comedian whose name escapes me at the moment that said: "You ever notice the people that go to nude beaches are people you wouldn't want to see naked in the first pla

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