Diet Vodka Coming Soon to Your Local Packie

via Mens Health  Ketel One is launching a new line of low cal, low carb dare we say,  "diet" Vodka. New for 2018, three Botanical flavors to choose from: Cucumber and Mint, Peach and Orange blossom, and Grapefruit and Rose. 

Ketel One Botanical lists 73 calories per (1.5 oz.) shot, or 25% less than a shot of the brand's regular vodka. It's also 40 percent less caloric than a glass of white wine According to the article,  it is being marketed as "Made with Vodka". You see, it technically doesn't classify as actual vodka. The US and EU require distilled spirits to have 40 percent alcohol to qualify as vodka, or 37.5 percent if it’s of the flavored variety.

Kenny Young

Kenny Young

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