New Extreme Record May Be Out By Fall

Extreme at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom

As our local boys-made good prepare for an Australian/Asian Tour with Mr. Big this summer, guitarist Nuno Bettencourt revealed in an interview via Blabbermouth  that we may have the long-awaited new album in a few months.  They have hit "Boston-esque" levels between albums as Saudades de Rock  was released in 2008.  When pressed on the current status of material Extreme had, Nuno says: 

"You should have already seen another album — at least two by now, if not three. We're kind of disappointed in ourselves that we haven't released something yet, because we have so much material, and we've been going back and forth... I'm happy to say that we have a good actual vision right now of what we want to do. We have a good 20, 25 songs that we're almost wrapped up with. My goal is that by the fall, we have a new album out."

Tour dates are booked through Summer right now overseas with a return to North America possible in the Fall perhaps to coincide with that new album ......

Kenny Young

Kenny Young

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