Parents Take 30-Yr. Old Son to Court to Evict Him

via Boston Herald   The parents of a 30-year old in Syracuse, New York were left with no other alternative to get their son to move out. Mark and Christina Rotondo brought the court case after several eviction letters offering money and other help were ignored. From all accounts, the son, Michael, is unemployed, shows no signs of attempting to find work, doesn't speak to his parents and doesn't help out with chores around the house. Did I mention he's 30-YEARS OLD? The parents have offered him money to help him get his own place and left him letters with other ways for him to raise some cash. The case made it all the way to the State Supreme Court. The Judge rejected the son's claim that because he was a Family member, he was "entitled to stay in the house for six more months."  

This slouch goes on to argue with the judge for a half hour and refused his request to work things out directly with his parents, who were seated nearby.  The judge instructed the parents' lawyer to draft an eviction order. The attorney for the parents said it would give Rotondo reasonable time to vacate.

Kenny Young

Kenny Young

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