Want to Alter Your Consciousness the Natural Way?

eyeball photo: pixabay

via IFLScience According to this study done in 2015, the easiest, drug-free way to alter your state of consciousness is to simply stare into someone's eyes for 10, straight minutes. Some of the test subjects were paired off in a dimly-lit room and did the exercise while other just stared at a blank wall. The couples that stared into each other's eye reported seeing faces warp and change, taking on the appearance of animals, monsters or even deceased family members. This phenomenon even has a name: "strange-face illusion" .  The subjects also said that colors took on a sharper tones and noises seemed louder. Trippy, man......Read more about this bizarre effect HERE

Oh, and if you decide to try this experiment out yourselves, I've taken the liberty of finding the perfect soundtrack for ya.....

Kenny Young

Kenny Young

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