What Happened to the Traditional Hot Dog?


With arguably the biggest Hot Dog-Eating Holiday looming on the horizon next week (4th of July, keep up with me, here) I caught this abomination over on the twitters. Apparently the concessionaires at Cleveland's Progressive Field have taken it upon themselves to empty their kitchen cupboards over the top of a simple hot dog. I don't think even Toucan Sam, himself would order one of these. And he's the Froot Loops spokesbird. I thought the line in the sand had been drawn years ago with the chili dog. (which I happen to imbibe upon from time to time). What is causing this Hot Dog topping extremeism? Is it the internetwebs? Social Media?  The sanctity of your basic hot dog with mustard and relish has been threatened. Don't get me started on those of you putting ketchup on your dogs. Remember what Dirty Harry said......

Kenny Young

Kenny Young

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