And then there was one: The Last Blockbuster Video

via    It may be hard to believe, but until today, July 16, 2018 there where still 3 Blockbuster Video locations in the U.S. The video rental juggernaut that once operated at over 9,000 locations has been slowly bleeding out and closing stores over the last 9 years. The company filed for Bankruptcy in 2010. Earlier today the final two stores in Alaska (Anchorage and Fairbanks, respectively) closed up shop despite having been profitable and one of the few ways residents rent their films. Streaming video/media is next to impossible in that corner of the world, according to the article. 

Which brings us to.......Where is The Last Blockbuster Video Store in the United States? If you guessed "Bend, Oregon" then you have earned yourself a box of milk duds and a vintage, "Be Kind Rewind" sticker, my friend. Part of the reason this last of a dying breed has survived this long may be that they only charge $3.99 for new releases and kids movies for 99 cents. 

Kenny Young

Kenny Young

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