Gronk's new side gig: Marine Biologist?


via   The Ocean deep may have found the perfect Defense to cover Rob Gronkowski: Tiger Sharks! Recently he filmed an episode for the Discovery Channel's "Shark Week" which aired last night. I'm sure the thought of having , arguably the greatest Tight End in Football swimming around with the ultimate predator would cause a bit of concern with his Coaches (and a few Fans, too).


He was part of a celebrity episode to assist the experts with tagging sharks to help the Marine Biologists track and study these often misunderstood fish. First he started with a smaller Lemon Shark and then worked up to helping to secure and tag a larger Tiger Shark. How did he fair? 

"I scoop my hand around the tiger shark's body. It's slimy. It's strong," Gronk said. "It's ready to break you ... Gronk vs. shark, and so far I'm winning. I don't want to talk [expletive] too early." 

I should warn some viewers that Gronk's Speedo makes an appearance in the episode as well......

You can read more HERE  

Watch the full episode on Discovery Channel HERE.

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