Competition Heats up for Space Tourism


via maxim   Looks like there's another Billionaire that's thrown their hat in the ring to be the first to send tourists into Space. Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos His Blue Origin rocket is in the testing process as we speak. So far, only mannequins have been strapped into his rockets. Test human flights could come later this year. They are currently working on a autonomous piloting system that will provide piloting and safe landing. Oh, good, so that means we can come back too? 

Bezos already has competition in the Race to Space from fellow financial giants, Richard Branson and Elon Musk.  According to the article it will cost you little more than a second home or your kid's college tuition. Word is Blue Origin is looking for around $200,000 for a seat onboard. I'll bet you the baggage fees aren't even included.........

You can get more details on the program HERE

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