Are Brian Johnson and Phil Rudd Back with AC/DC?



via    While the future of AC/DC continues to hang in the balance, some eagle-eyed fans out in Vancouver this week have spotted band members coming and going from The Warehouse, the same recording Studio the band used for their last three albums. (Stiff Upper Lip, Black Ice + Rock or Bust).

First came a report and a pic a few days ago of Angus Young and nephew/Rhythm guitarist, Stevie Young outside the studio having a smoke. Internet speculation began to spin about a new album in the works.. Earlier today, the pic above was taken by some fans that happen to live in a nearby apartment. It has been making the rounds with what appears to be Brian Johnson and longtime Drummer, Phil Rudd. Clearly, it's the same deck off the back of the same recording studio.

Johnson, who had to leave the band to deal with hearing loss issues a few years back had been seeking treatment and medical care. Meanwhile Rudd had been dealing with some heavy legal issues down in New Zealand around the same time. 

What is NOT clear is how old this picture above actually is. Could it just be from the Rock or Bust sessions? Have they have gotten the band back together and working on a new album? There has been no official statement released from AC/DC. So many questions remain. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Kenny Young

Kenny Young

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