Sons of McCartney and Lennon Spending Quality Time


via     Let it be ..known..(pun intended) that even though their legendary rock star father's were at odds for nearly a decade, their sons have apparently developed a friendship and respect for each other. Not to mention the uncanny resemblance to their pops. This photo above posted yesterday from Sean Ono Lennon's official Instagram account shows he and fellow heir to the legendary rock throne, James McCartney hanging out and playing guitar. Could they be collaborating on some new music together? Or do you think they're just riffing on some of their dad's back catalog?

One thing's for sure, the internet-webs went bananas after seeing this image with nearly 28-thousand clicks in 24 hours.  I wonder if George's Son, Dhani Harrison or Ringo's, Zak Starkey ever got the invite? Can you imagine (sorry, that pun was unintentional) if these guys all together to form a next generation Fab Four? Oh, the humanity....

Kenny Young

Kenny Young

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