Guess Which City Installed Open-Air Urinals?


via UPI ....(no pun intended)  Who knew that public urination was such a city-wide problem in Paris, France? The City officials and the public have spoken up about that very issue. Their solution to this issue was to install Public, open-air urinals so guys would have somewhere to "go" besides the streets, sidewalks and alleyways. 

They are called "uritrottoirs" and basically look like big red trash cans. The bottom inside is filled with straw that is supposed to absorb odor and waste.  The resounding problem (besides it being the glaring fact that men are relieving themselves into an open-air urinal issue) is that the three units so far have been installed in clear view of historic, tourist and family-friendly landmarks like sights along the Seine River and Notre Dame. As expected, local residents and business owners quoted in this article started to complain.

"It is definitely a desirable and historic neighborhood, but seeing people urinating right in front of your door is not the nicest thing," 

ummmm....No, I wouldn't think it would be. I mean, not even a privacy curtain?  Maybe they'll try that idea out for the next two that are scheduled to be installed. 

Kenny Young

Kenny Young

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