Metallica Unveils Their Own "Blackened" Whiskey


via     Fresh off yesterday's news of the signature line of Metallica-themed, NIxon wristwatches, today, I give you: "Blackened". The label the San Franciscans are slapping on a new brand of Whiskey. It's a project that has been in the works for several years now. The band hooked up with Master Distiller Dave Pickerell to create a truly, unique libation. One that was made using actual soundwaves with a custom subwoofer. Mr. Pickerell's story is pretty fascinating too. He is a chemical engineer who has revolutionized the distilling processes with new techniques. They incorporate actual Metallica playlists using Black Noiseâ„¢,  Meyer Sounds newest innovative technology on every batch of Blackened Whiskey. This process molds Blackened Whiskey on a molecular level to give the whiskey the most balanced finish possible.

Metallica's "Blackened Whiskey" will be available in stores, restaurants, and bars surrounding the Band's  handful of U.S. tour dates this fall beginning with Madison, Wisconsin on September 2nd. Eager sippers can check the following sites for more details on its availability in the rest of the Country and in some States, even order it. Check HERE and HERE

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