The World Gravy Wrestling Championships Looked Fun

via        Sure, Wrestling on its own is a great spectator sport. Some "establishments" even add the element of Jell-O or various Oils in to the arena to add an element of danger to the ring. Well, enter the World Gravy Wrestling Championships in Lancashire, England. 2018 marked the 11th annual event that is all in good fun and benefits great causes, raising much-needed funds for the East Lancashire Hospice and other nominated charities. 

Hundreds gathered this year to witness contestants in various categories battle it out for two minutes. Each Gravy Gladiator earned points for fancy dress, comedy effect, entertainment and wrestling ability. My question is: "Do they at least heat the gravy up?"  It must congeal pretty quickly in that climate.....

Learn more and see a photo galleries HERE

Photo credit: OLI SCARFF/AFP/Getty Images

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