This NFL Team Is The1st Ever to Offer Beer Flights


via    Lucas Oil Stadium is home to the NFL's Indianapolis Colts and is now home to the first ever, NFL-stadium beer flights. Hey, they may not have the elaborate Trophy Case of say, our New England Patriots,(wink, wink, nudge nudge) but out in Indy,  fans can now choose between half-a-dozen (or more) local craft brews out on the regular concourse. 

They will be available in three seven-ounce (21 total ounces) plastic cups of local craft beer for just $15. The days of sub-par, watered-down, keg beers at the stadium have been gradually phasing out thanks to the craft beer boom across the country. You've got to think other stadiums will follow suit and offer these cool beverage options. I'm looking at you, Gillette Stadium.....

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