Is This The Future of Transportation?


via     It's almost 2019 and, truth be told, when I was kid, I thought flying cars would be a "thing" by now. I mean, really, is it THAT difficult to produce an affordable, easy to operate, economical personal, people-mover?  Well Google co-founder Larry Page along with scientist, educator, inventor Sebastian Thrun founded Kitty Hawk to address this very issue.  Sebastian is the CEO of the company whose mission is to free people from the horrors and burden of everyday traffic. Here's video of their Aero "Flyer", a 10-rotor personal flying machine.

The 100% electric craft can hold one person and provides 12 to 20 minutes of flight time at speeds of up to 20 mph. They say it's "It’s only as loud as a lawnmower  and doesn’t require a pilot's license."  It also features auto-stabilization, with only 2 easy controls to learn. As of right now, there is no official production date or retail cost listed. You can get more details and learn more about the future of awesome right HERE

Kenny Young

Kenny Young

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