See 2 Pythons Do Battle inside an Australian Home


via usatoday       For all the natural beauty, landmarks and great people Australia has to offer, they also seem to have a lot of things that are completely terrifying. Take this story out of Brisbane. A family called in a snake wrangler after two Coastal Pythons dropped out of the air duct in their ceiling. Watch as they square off in a battle for the ages. 

I can't get over at how calm the camera operator/narrator is. In the piece,  Lana Field from Snake Catchers Brisbane said in a Facebook Live;  "This pair has been a bit naughty,"They have pushed their way through from the ceiling and left a bit of a mess."  .......  (I would've left a bit of a my shorts)

The snakes were over 5-feet long and considered small for the area. The wrangler goes on to say: "They can continue like this for hours until one is exhausted,"

Oh, good Lord. No way. You wouldn't catch me hanging around to watch, I would be at the nearest pub crushing Fosters Oil Cans until I was given the "All Clear".

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