9/17/78 Queen Film a very "cheeky" Bicycle Race

Forty years ago today, Queen rented out Wimbledon Greyhound Stadium near London for the purpose of filming a promotional video for the upcoming release of "Bicycle Race". The single, inspired by Mercury watching the Tour de France, would come out in October of '78 (Double A-Side w/"Fat Bottomed Girls") followed by the November launch of their seventh, studio album, Jazz. 

Aside from the standard sound stage shots of the band performing the tune,  Freddie + the boys decided to spice things up and hired 65, nude models to race around the track on rented bicycles. WHen the rental company caught wind of what was going on, legend has it, they asked the band to pay for new bike seats. (Hygienically, it was the right thing to do, after all.)

Keep in mind this was three years before lavish music videos were the norm on MTV, Queen truly was, ahead of their time. The stunt worked to perfection as the resulting footage got the public's attention and caused outrage in certain social circle. The video was originally banned and had to be re-edited with added special effects to censor out the nudity. I think its safe to say it seems pretty tame by 2018 standards....The album would go on to reach #2 in the UK #6 on the US Charts and sell over 5-million worldwide.

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