4 Cars From Burt Reynolds Estate Go To Auction


via autoblog.com    Prior to the Hollywood legend's passing on September 6th, Burt Reynolds had planned on thinning the herd of some of his iconic "movie cars".  He was filmed in a promo with some of the vehicles and did plan on attending the famed, Barrett Jackson Auto Auction to bid them a fond farewell.  Three of the cars from his personal collection are Pontiac Trans Ams. The two, 1978 models are re-creations of the cars he drove in "Smokey and The Bandit" and the film, "Hooper". The 3rd T/A is from '84 and was used to promote Reynolds' USFL team, the Tampa Bay Bandits. The fourth vehicle is '78 Chevy R30 pickup. It's styled like a truck he drove in "Cannonball Run" before he hopped in the Ambulance with Dom DeLuise.

The auction house does point out none of the vehicles were actually used in the movies. But they were registered in Reynold's name, making them more valuable than some of the movie clones previously sold. The hammer will drop on these beauties this weekend at the Mandalay Bay in Vegas. More details HERE

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